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People seem to really like this photo. Getting up this close you can certainly see the detail. Such a big wet nose, and such soft short hair. And those whiskers!

Some people always take care to do things nicely, even when it's something as mundane as putting old cardboard out to be thrown away. I love the elegance of this writing.

 It is the writing underneath that I like about this!

If you like bricks, you should love this image! This wall is in Farnham, facing the Central car park, and my eye was caught by the patchwork effect. I like the giant staples holding the wall together too. I deliberately framed the image to exclude any sky or building edges, to create a strong abstract pattern.

So I was just coming out of the pub*... when I saw the sheep in the field. There's something disconcerting about sheep at night. They're just out in the open all through the hours of darkness, wary and watchful. Anyway, this has turned out to be one of my favourite photos, because of the muted colours and the textural quality of the sheep's wool in the printed image. I always think it's the ideal print to put on the wall of a guest bedroom.

*The Gamekeepers in Mapledurwell

I like to have my camera with me everywhere, in case I see something that catches my eye. Here's a couple of photos I took inside the car in the car wash. I took several! These are the very definition of capturing moments in time. You could take a similar picture, but you'd never be able to get exactly the same images again.

I love how translation can make the familiar seem otherworldly. In French, the word for a self-service counter is le self, so this translation is perfectly rational. Except that in English, "the self" is more a philosophical concept than a counter for getting food. Unfortunately, the entry was barred, so I didn't get the opportunity to step into the passageway. People do say that you can get enlightenment in the mountains. Perhaps this was the magical place that everyone searches for? I will have to return!

This photo was taken in Les Arcs, France.

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